Stations of the Cross 2017

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Stations of the Cross 2017

On Good Friday each year we walk with Jesus the Way of the Cross through a service in which we gather in front of each of the fourteen painting, hung around the church, to meditate on the unfolding events of Jesus’ trial and execution. These paintings – The Stations of The Cross, by Chris Gollon – have such depth and emotion about them that we have moved away from the traditional service, which is full of words, to standing and contemplating each one with a piece of music. This has become a mixture of recorded and live pieces, involving members of the church community, friends of the church and those who have performed here.

(Last year’s Stations of the Cross can be found here)

station I

Jesus Before Pilate

Iver Keive & Knut Reiersrud: Velt Alle Dine Veie from the album Bla Koral (1991)

Jesus receives the cross

Jesus Receives His Cross

Spaccanapoli: Santa Notte from the album Lost Souls (2000)

station III

Jesus Falls For the First Time

Alastair Murray performing live: Oh Well by Peter Green



station IV

Jesus Meets His Mother

Muzsikas: Farewell to Shabbat, from the album Maramoras – The most Music of Transylvania (1993)


station V

Simon of Cyrene Carries the Cross

The Blind Boys of Alabama: If I Could Help Somebody, from the album Down in New Orleans (2008)

station VI

Veronica Washes the Face of Jesus

St John’s Singers performing live: Love Divine

station VII

Jesus Falls For the Second Time

Mark Wagner performing live

station VIII

Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem

Raymond Shine performing live

station IX

Jesus Falls for the Third Time

Yorkston, Thorne & Khan: Everything Sacred, from the album Everything Sacred (2016)


station X

Jesus is Stripped of His Clothes

Leonard Cohen: You Want it Darker, from the album You Want it Darker (2016)

station XI

Jesus is Nailed to the Cross:

Diamanda Galas: Were You There?, from the album The Singer (1992)



station XII

The Crucifixion

Bomb Everyone: Variation on Descending Bells (commission for St John’s)

station XIII

Jesus is Taken Down From the Cross

Bulawayo Church Choir: Funeral Song, from the album Dead & Gone 2 (1997)

station XIV

Jesus is Placed in the Tomb

Miranda Sex Garden: Gush Forth My Tears (William Holborne), from the album Madra (1991)