Baptism at St John’s

Baptisms at St John’s

We are delighted to welcome children and adults into membership of the church with the sacrament of Baptism – also called Christening. This takes place at the Sunday 10am Mass on a mutually agreed date.

Unless there are exceptional reasons Baptisms are held at the parish church where you live (or where you have joined the electoral roll by worshipping regularly for at least six months). You can check whether you live in this parish, or find your local parish church, by going here.

If the Baptism is for a child at least one of the parents should be baptised already (if not, we can also arrange your Baptism), as should those you choose as Godparents.

To discuss a Baptism at St John on Bethnal Green, please telephone 020 8880 6743.

For further information about Baptisms in the Church of England, click the link below