Family History


Family History

Here is a list of the registers held at the church. Arrangements to search the registers or to obtain a copy of a certificate can be made by contacting The Rector.

St John on Bethnal Green

Baptisms                                                     27 September 1931 to present

(Baptisms in Bethnal Green Hospital          26 April 1930 – 21 March 1971)

Confirmations                                             1948 – present

Banns                                                          September 1965 to present

Marriages                                                    30 August 1958 – present

We also hold the most recent registers from St Bartholomew, Buckhurst Street and St Peter, Cephas Street, both of which were almalgamated with St John’s:

St Bartholomew, Buckhurst Street

Baptisms                                                        29 January 1949 – 3 August 1977

Confirmations                                                1942 – 1977

Banns                                                             November 1957 – February 1978

Marriages                                                       12 March 1955 – 11 February 1978

St Peter, Cephas Street

Baptisms                                                         5 December 1954 – 7 October 1984

Confirmations                                                 1949 – 1984

Banns                                                              December 1941 – March 1985

Marriages                                                        26 July 1958 – 8 September 1984

(the last marriage register also contains two marriages conducted at St John’s church on 10 and 24 August 1985)

Earlier registers for all three churches are deposited at the London Metropolitan Archives. A full list of the registers they hold can be seen here. This search page will enable you to see the deposited records for other Bethnal Green churches.

Too many churches were built in Bethnal Green during the first half of the nineteenth century. This resulted in closures and almalgamated parishes, so that it is not always easy to identify the location of the earlier parishes. British History Online is a mine of valuable information.

Further resources for those researching East End family history can be found at: