Belfry Exhibition: NOT my Planet – The Art House Project

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Belfry Exhibition: NOT my Planet – The Art House Project

Opening Night: 5 September, 6-9pm

Then Thursday – Sunday, 7-9pm until 22 September

Is it true that life on our planet can extinguish one day? Does the human race have a direct effect on our planet’s life extinction? According to scientists, the biological and geological future of Earth can be extrapolated based upon the estimated effects of several long-term influences. These include the rate of cooling of the planet’s interior, the gravitational interactions with other objects in the Solar System and a steady increase in the Sun’s luminosity. An uncertain factor in this extrapolation is the ongoing influence of technology introduced by humans.

This uncertainty is becoming less and less for environmentalists and political dissidents. Latest studies point in the same direction: the direct effect of human industry on global warming.

The space we have the privilege to live in doesn’t belong to us, it doesn’t belong to the human race either…it’s not a possession. Our planet is a living entity in itself. This seems difficult to understand in the consumerist society we live in where everything has an owner and can be bought and sold. We are turning a blind eye to reality and to future generations in exchange for material goods to feed our greed and pollute the environment with our wastes.

In “Not my Planet”, we would like to raise awareness of all these issues inviting the audience to have a think about planet Earth. To ask their own questions about its past and future and our responsibilities, if we have any, towards our environment.

About Art House Project

Art House Project is an art and music collective giving exposure to upcoming artists in the art world following a DIT (Do it Together) organizational philosophy.

The aims of Art House Project are:

•    To bring artists and djs together to organize events to help present and promote our work.

•    To help promote and support our members.

•    To collaborate in other art or music events as a group.

•    To use art and music to share culture, social views and experiences.