COLLEEN + SLOWS: 9 December, 8pm

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COLLEEN + SLOWS: 9 December, 8pm

French multi-instrumentalist Colleen (Cécile Schott) is fearless in her willingness to explore new sounds and new ways of creating music as a solo performer. On her new album A flame my love, a frequency, out October 20th, she introduces the most drastic change to her music since she began singing on her fourth album, setting aside the viola da gamba she is known for in exchange for all electronic instrumentation – Moog pedals and Critter and Guitari synthesizers.

The music of A flame… is the closest Colleen has come to a concept album, a reflection upon one year in her life that began in the Autumn of 2015. The album‘s central theme is the inescapable fact that life and death always walk hand in hand. Schott is an avid bird watcher and her home and studio on the coast of Spain allow for frequent trips out into the wilds. As any naturalist knows, extreme beauty and vitality go hand in hand with brutality. This symbiosis was made more personal when, Schott came mere hours from being at the site of one of the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks.

The album’s first single “Separating” examines how such events break the illusions people have about living separately from such world events when they become personal, as well as Schott’s own personal rumination on the inevitability of death.

Support: Slows

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