Stations of the Cross 2016

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Stations of the Cross 2016

On Good Friday each year we walk with Jesus the Way of the Cross through a service in which we gather in front of each of the fourteen painting, hung around the church, to meditate on the unfolding events of Jesus’ trial and execution. These paintings – The Stations of The Cross, by Chris Gollon – have such depth and emotion about them that we have moved away from the traditional service, which is full of words, to standing and contemplating each one with a piece of music. This has become a mixture of recorded and live pieces, involving members of the church community, friends of the church and those who have performed here.¬†Sadly, we were unable to record the live pieces this year.

(Last year’s Stations of the Cross can be found here)

station I

Jesus Before Pilate

Michael Nyman: Opening Extract from Out of the Ruins (1989), performed by The Holy Echmiadzin Chorus

Jesus receives the cross

Jesus Receives His Cross

Jo Quail: Adder Stone from the album Caldera (2014)


station III

Jesus Falls For the First Time

Joy Division: Passover, from the album Closer (1980)



station IV

Jesus Meets His Mother

Raymond Shine, performing live


station V

Simon of Cyrene Carries the Cross

Lizzie & Debbie, from The Pearl Girls: Lean On Me (unmixed version)


station VI

Veronica Washes the Face of Jesus

Lisa Gerrard: Sanvean – I am Your Shadow, from the album The Mirror Pool (1995)

station VII

Jesus Falls For the Second Time

Bob Dylan: What Good Am I?, from the album Oh Mercy (2003)

station VIII

Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem

W.A.Mozart: Ave Verum Corpus, performed live by Olivia Brown

station IX

Jesus Falls for the Third Time

Bitten By A Monkey, performing live


station X

Jesus is Stripped of His Clothes

Rare Bird: Sympathy, from the album 1st (1969)

station XI

Jesus is Nailed to the Cross:

Giles Swayne: Stations of the Cross, Book 2, Opus 100, Station 11, performed by Simon Nieminski (2013)

station XII

The Crucifixion

The Old Rugged Cross, performed live by¬†Bitten By a Monkey & St John’s Singers


station XIII

Jesus is Taken Down From the Cross

Henry Purcell: The Queen’s Funeral March, from Music For the Funeral of Queen Mary, performed by David Hall &c (1994)

station XIV

Jesus is Placed in the Tomb

Michael Nyman: Closing Extract from Out of the Ruins (1989), performed by The Holy Echmiadzin Chorus