Alfonso Borragán Presents :: Ötzi, July 2014

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Alfonso Borragán Presents :: Ötzi, July 2014



St John’s welcome TINATA (This Is Not A Take Away)




Ötzi, a new work by Alfonso Borragán, will be a banquet of transient signs. A ritualistic dinner, an event that will explore diverse interpretations of ingestion and cultural absorption. Named after the oldest known european mummy, who was found to have carbon tattoos on his body, Ötzi will deal with layers of history and digestion of signs.

Inked drawings articulate historical markings and function as archives of remembrance. In Ötzi, the trace appears through the medium of living bodies. By the consumption of animals and vegetables tattooed with images, through the material disappearance and transformation of flesh structures that are surfaces of inscription, a new ritual will be enacted. A ritual of ingestion through which assimilation will give birth to newly generated meanings, bringing these marks back to their fragile and ephemeral status.

Join the ritual! 

11th July, 8pm, The Belfry
13th July, 8pm, The Matroneum
17th July, 8pm, The Belfry
18th July, 8pm. The Matroneum