Ascension Day

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Ascension Day

Mass for the Festival of the Ascension

Thursday 26th May, 7pm

“Throughout this time between the Lord’s resurrection and ascension … the Lord in his providence … taught one lesson: … that the Lord Jesus Christ, who was truly born, truly suffered and truly died, should be recognised as truly risen. The apostles and all the disciples had been filled with fear by his death on the cross, and their faith in the resurrection had been hesitant; but now they gained such great strength from seeing the truth, that when the Lord went up to heaven, far from feeling sadness, they experienced a great joy. Indeed they had a great and mysterious cause for rejoicing. For in the sight of the vast company of the blessed, human nature was exalted … to share the glorious throne of him with whose nature it had been united in the person of the Son.”

St Leo the Great: Sermon 1 on the Ascension

Ascension booklet

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