GHost IV: Presence & Absence, 6 – 8 December

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GHost IV: Presence & Absence, 6 – 8 December

An exhibition and series of art events exploring the desire to materialise what is absent via the medium of haunted landscapes or by the metaphorical manifestation of a ghost. Works have been selected in response to research seminars, held earlier this year, at UOL. The exhibition will feature audio-visual installations plus a programme of performances and artists’ film screenings all sited throughout the church.

The winter nights are long and dark and the church’s stone floors breath out cold vapours. Wrap up warm, or bring a blanket! Wander around the vestibule, belfry and gallery, haunted by manifestations of moving images, interventions and performances and entwined with the smell of incense. Then settle down in a pew and cast yourself adrift in the films and sounds of haunted landscapes and haunted seas.
Warming winter drinks will be served on all days from 6pm.
Curated by Sarah Sparkes.

Image from Sharon Kivland’s film ‘Reisen: the smoke of steam trains’ 2011

December 6th 6.00pm – 9.00pm
First Thursdays Opening Night

Exhibition of audio-visual installation and performances throughout the venue and continual screening of Haunted Landscapes, a selection of artists’ short films in the nave of the church.

December 7th 6.00pm – 10.00pm
A special programme of live soundscape performances and film screenings including an edited show reel of international films, “Haunted Sea” first shown at Folkestone Triennial 2011in the main body of the church. Exhibition and performances throughout the venue.

December 8th 2.30pm – 7.30pm
Exhibition of audio-visual installation throughout the venue and continual screening of Haunted Landscapes, a selection of artist’s short films in the nave.
7.30pm: GHost selects John Carpenter’s The Fog for a Phantasmagloria Film Night.

(note: there is an entry fee of £4.00/£2.00 for the Fog screening)

Tymon Albrzykowski, Nick Baxter, Inez de Coo, Phillip Goodman, Romeo Grünfelder, Victoria Haviland, Birgitta Hosea, Calum F Kerr, Sharon Kivland, Ellen Lake & Chris Green, Mario Lautier Vella, Arabella Lee, Hayley Lock, Joanna McCormick, Amy McDonough, Jude Cowan Montague, MYSTERIUM, Anne Robinson, Eva Rudlinger, Sabine, Schöbel, Stasis 73, Pauline Thomas, Sally Waterman, Neil Wissink