Stations Of The Cross 2015

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On Good Friday each year we walk with Jesus the Way of the Cross through a service in which we gather in front of each of the fourteen painting, hung around the church, to meditate on the unfolding events of Jesus’ trial and execution. These paintings – The Stations of The Cross, by Chris Gollon – have such depth and emotion about them that we have moved away from the traditional service, which is full of words, to standing and contemplating each one with a piece of music. This has become a mixture of recorded and live pieces, involving members of the church community, friends of the church and those who have performed here. This year we have had pieces contributed by David Buckley, Yi Yao, Olivia Brown, Bitten By A Monkey, Bomb Everyone and Pearl’s Girls.

(Last year’s Stations of the Cross can be found here)

station I

Jesus Is Condemned To Death

 Yi Yao & Toulouse National Chamber Orchestra: José Serebrier – Perpetuam Mobile


Jesus receives the cross

Jesus receives the cross

 St John’s Singers: Taizé Chant – Stay With Me (performed live)


station III

Jesus Falls For The First Time

Yi Yao & Toulouse National Chamber Orchestra: José Serebrier – Passacaglia

station IV

Jesus Meets His Mother

David Buckley: Léon Boëllmann – Suite Gothique, Op. 25: III. Priére a Notre Dame

Recorded for us on the organ of St John the Baptist, Holland Road


station V

Simon of Cyrene Carries The Cross

Joe Cocker: With A Little Help From My Friends – from the album of same name, 1969


station VI

Veronica Wipes Jesus’ Face

Olivia Brown: Giuseppe Giordani – Caro Mio Ben (performed live)

station VII

 Jesus Falls For The Second Time

Editors: Weight Of The World – from the album An End Has A Start, 2007

station VIII

Jesus Meets  The Women Of Jerusalem

Hector Zazou: Lament Of The Three Marys – from the album Lights In The Dark, 1998



station IX

Jesus Falls For The Third Time

Yi Yao: And It Came To Pass: from the DVD by Chris Gollon & Yi Yao of the same name, 2014


station X

Jesus Is Stripped Of His Garments

Bitten By A Monkey, performing live



station XI

Jesus Is Nailed To The Cross

Diamanda Galás: 25 Minutes To Go – from the album Malediction And Prayer, 1998



station XII

 Jesus Dies On The Cross

Bomb Everyone: Variation on Descending Bells – special commission for this Station

station XIII

Jesus Is Taken Down From The Cross

St John’s Singers: Amazing Grace (performed live)

station XIV

 Jesus Is Placed In The Tomb

David Buckley: J.S.Bach – Liebe Jesu, Wir Sind Hier, BWV 731

Recorded for us on the organ of St George, Campden Hill